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Convenient Water and Gas Line Installation

If you're looking to install gas lines for your home, get in touch with DuPont Plumbing Inc. We can install and service gas lines for almost any purpose. So, if you're looking for reliable gas line installation in Southgate, KY, give our professionals a call.

  • Kitchen cooktops

  • Stoves and ovens and gas dryers

  • Patio and spa heaters

  • Fireplaces and fire pits

  • Gas water heaters

  • HVAC systems

Comprehensive gas line services

Ask us about our 6-year warranty on water heaters and 1-year guarantee on any service (labor only)

Water leaks can cause your water bill to go up without you realizing it. It is essential to get your water mains checked as they can be the root cause of this problem.


Our professionals specialize in repairing and replacing water lines and giving you a more efficient water main. You can also call us to correct low water pressure and frozen pipe problems.

Reliable water main checks

Installation Gas water heater

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Water leakage