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Efficient Sump Pump Installation

Avoid a major disaster

Give your basement extra protection by installing a sump pump. From installation, replacement, and repair, we do it all. You can also get battery operated backup sump pumps.


Afraid of your water heater giving up on you? Call DuPont Plumbing Inc to get a thorough checkup of your water heater so that you're sorted for the winter.

Don't gamble with your property

Our family-owned business has been passed down for generations. Contact us today for home remodeling and repair services!

Avoid the threat of a flooded basement. Get in touch with the professionals at DuPont Plumbing Inc located in Southgate, KY and get a sump pump installed today. Flooded basements and below-ground wetness are common problems for homeowners. Call us today and we'll get rid of them.

It doesn't take much water to cause catastrophic damage. A moist basement can also lead to mold and mildew growth, bringing with it all its related health and breathing hazards. These problems are not only expensive to deal with, but also have adverse health effects. So, get in touch with our professionals today and get a sump pump installed at your property.

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