When homeowners think of plumbing, their minds often turn directly to their bathrooms. This is understandable, as the bathroom is typically one of the rooms in the home that has the largest amount of plumbing. Contact DuPont Plumbing today!


Dupont Plumbing can help with the plumbing for your next shower or bathtub installation.


If you are looking to install a new toilet for an upcoming bathroom remodel or your toilet constantly runs and you need repairs, DuPont Plumbing is here for you. Our team is able to offer both toilet installation and repair services in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area.


Sinks and vanities get more use than any other fixture in your house. It’s no wonder they can look worn down after a few years. Fortunately connecting your new vanity and faucet is relatively easy for the pros at Dupont. Trust us for your vanity/backsplash install and we won’t let you down.


Every faucet may require a different installation process, but fortunately, the experts at DuPont Plumbing can sort that out for you. Get in touch with us for repair or replacement of that dripping bathroom faucet today.

Shower Heads

Whether you’re simply looking to replace a shower head or would like to install a ceiling-mount rain shower head, the qualified professionals at DuPont Plumbing can handle it. No job is too big or too small!

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