DuPont Plumbing provides a variety of outdoor services, from from sump pumps to main supply lines. You can trust our highly experienced professionals to get the job done, because we take pride in serving our community.

Sump Pumps

With a battery backup

Flooded basements and below-ground wetness are common problems for homeowners. Give your basement extra protection by installing a sump pump. From installation to replacement to repair, we do it all.

Hose Connections

If you’re thinking about planting a garden or need a place to wash your car, DuPont Plumbing is committed to the proper installation & service of your outdoor hose connection which includes a frost resistant hose bib. Get in touch with us today!

Main Supply Lines

A leaky water main from the street can cause a whole lot of water problems and is one of those things that you simply do not want to have to deal with. Make sure your main supply lines are done in a professional manner by a licensed plumber like DuPont Plumbing.

Pool Opening & Maintenance

A lot of pool care relies on timing, and when to open and close your pool is as important as how. Rely on DuPont Plumbing for all your pool needs and system checks.

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